Thursday, June 4, 2009


Things are back to normal today. My mommy came home from her meeting and boy was I happy to see her!! I had a rough day yesterday but I'm ok now. I just don't like to disrupt my routine. It makes my belly hurt (in case you were wondering where I get all these smart and fancy words at, I ask mom and dad! hehehe)

I was a little ornery yesterday though....I ran away from my Aunt Lisa, peed in my crate, tried to chew on everything that I wasn't allowed and overall was a big ole butthead. Heehee!! Mommy said it's cause I was just missing her and Daddy and I think she's right.

My Aunt Ashley is graduating from high school tonight so I am going to hang out with my Gramma while mommy and daddy go watch her. Gramma likes to get on the floor and play with me and give me lots of hugs and kisses so I'm pretty excited to see her later :)

By the way....I am growing bigger everyday now!! I weigh about 25lbs and I am 15 inches tall at my shoulders. Mom and Dad are going to measure me every week to see how fast I am growing so make sure you check the blog to see my progress!!

Gotta go hump my pillow now......uh-oh, I don't think I was supposed to share that with you! Oops!!!

:) Heeheehehehe

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