Monday, June 29, 2009


Yesterday Mom and Dad got the brilliant idea to give me a bath because they said I smell like fish. Why I smell like fish, I have no idea. I don't even know what fish is!! So, Mommy climbed into the tub with me while Daddy got the water ready. I thought they were giving me some kind of big, special drink because Daddy held the sprayer up to me and I lapped it up. The water was too warm for drinking though. I didn't mind the bath at first, I kinda liked the warm water and Mommy and Daddy scrubbing me with the good smelling stuff, but I was done after about a minute or two and wanted out! My paws couldn't get any traction and I was pretty much struggling to get outta there! Mommy and Daddy said "NO Truck, we are not done yet!" but I tried telling them that I WAS done! They never listen. When it was over, Daddy took me into the other room and rubbed me dry with a bunch of towels (I would have rather chewed on the towels than be dried with them but whatever Dad) When we were all done, Daddy leaned over, took a big sniff, looked at Mommy and said "He still smells like fish." Heehee...I guess there will be more baths in my future!

<3 El Truckador

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