Monday, June 8, 2009

Training lessons......ugh.

Wow! What a weekend I had! I spent lots of time outside because the weather was beautiful!! I went to a big party on Saturday and met lots of new faces. It made me really sleepy though. I grew another 1/2 an inch pretty much overnight. Mommy and Daddy have been giving me training lessons everyday. I don't understand why I need these but I guess they said because it will make their lives a lot easier. Whatever. I think I'm a good boy, although they get a little upset when I chew on my leash and try to take them for a walk. And when I dig in the yard. And when I run away with mommy's shoes in my mouth. And when I nip at their faces, hands and other various body parts. And when I take things out of the garbage can. And......I can't remember. I am trying my hardest to learn what they are teaching me though, because I want to make them happy! And because I get treats if I do things right! Heehee!!

Mommy said she is sorry that she did not have a chance to post pictures this weekend. I told her she better not upset my fans. She told me she's the boss and not to give her any lip. (heehee!) But she did say that there will be new pics up soon!!

Keep checking back for more updates!

TRUCK-A-LUFF-A-GUS (Daddy calls me that sometimes and Uncle Avirat does too!)

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