Friday, June 12, 2009

Growth update!!

Daddy measured me this morning and I am 18 inches tall!! Mommy says I am putting on some good weight too because she can't see my ribs as much! Tomorrow we are going to get my nails trimmed. It will be my first time and I must admit that I am a little nervous. I have ticklish feet. Heehee!

I was a really good boy this morning. I had to make up for my ornery behavior yesterday morning :) I cuddled with Mommy and Daddy and listened really good. Sometimes it's hard though because I get distracted.....SQUIRREL!..........oops, see what I mean? Those darn squirrels get me everytime! Anyway, I am looking forward to spending the weekend with my mom and dad! It should be fun! Mommy will take more pictures of me and post them on Monday so check back then!!

I gotta go find that squirrel now.....

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