Monday, June 22, 2009

Health Update!

Truck had an appointment with the vet on saturday morning. His blood test for the pancreatic disorder came back NEGATIVE! YAY! The vet took an in-depth look at his health history and found out that he had only been wormed for one type of worm. So on Sunday we started treating (worming) him for ALL types of worms. Truck is also on a strict diet of dog food only. No treats until he gets his bowels back to normal. (we do give him pieces of his dog food for training purposes and rewards) He gained 2 lbs since Monday so he is now up to 40lbs of love! And he is getting taller everyday! We have another appointment this coming Saturday for his first rabies vaccination and a check up. I will keep everyone posted on his condition.

He had a great weekend full of playing and social interaction! I will post pictures tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

Truck's Mommy

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