Monday, June 1, 2009


So, I had the best weekend ever! I spent SO much time with my Mommy and Daddy and it was tons of fun! Mommy had a mini photoshoot with me yesterday and she said that I was a very handsome model. Mommy said that she will have the pictures ready as soon as she can so I can post them on here. I pretty much just chilled in the grass chewing on a stick while Mommy took pictures of me. I really wanted to taste her camera but Mommy and Daddy both said NO. Yeesh. All I wanted was a little taste.....sigh.....

I met a new friend in my neighborhood on Saturday. She is a boxer and her name is Nuggets Jane. (Silly name if ya ask me!) We ran and played chase, and chewed on hockey pucks together. Nuggets gets really excited and spins in circles so fast it makes me dizzy. She kept drooling on my head though. I can't wait until I get bigger so I can drool on her head instead! Heeeeheeee!!!

Well, I got a new toy yesterday at PetCo and it's calling my name so I better go chew on it.....see ya!!

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