Sunday, June 14, 2009

What I did this weekend!

I had so much FUN!! Mommy and Daddy took me to my Paw-Paw's house to play with my cousins, Rocky and Lacy. Paw-Paw is watching them while their people are on vacation. Paw-Paw has a really nice, big yard for us to run around and play in! Mommy brought her camera and took some pictures. She tried to take some of Rocky but he was too wound up to sit still for pictures but she did get a few of Lacy. I love to play with other pups! I'm still growing bigger everyday and I am learning a new command........"come!" When Mommy or Daddy says that word and I run to them, I usually get a treat and tons of praise. SO I think I'm gonna do that more often because I sure do love treats!!

Daddy said I was a REALLY good boy this weekend. Heehee! I was very cuddly with everybody and gave tons of kisses!

Well, I think I am gonna go nap now........I'm sleepy from my long weekend of playing. Please check out my pictures!!

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