Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacation Update!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was experiencing technical difficulties (which really means, I was too lazy to post! Hee hee!)

My vacation was AWESOME!! I got to spend tons of time with Mommy and Daddy! Let me tell you though, it did not start out very good...The first two days(saturday and sunday), I was a sick little boy :( I had bad poopies and was very sleepy. That Monday morning Daddy took me outside to go potty and as soon as I walked out onto the porch I threw up. BUT...I threw up THE GLOVE!! YAY!!! I felt pretty good after that! Mommy called the vet and they talked about my poops and said I had to eat boiled chicken and rice for a few days to get my stomach back to normal. CHICKEN IS THE BOMB!!! I absolutely LOVE chicken!
So for most of that week, we had some fun. I did a lot of playing outside, sleeping and eating, which is what I normally do but since it was vacation it was ten times better! My poops were looking good until about Wednesday afternoon. Then I got sick again. SO I had to go to the vet on Thursday. He gave me some medicine to take and some new food and Mommy had to rub some ointment on my bum cause it was really sore and red.
We left Friday for camp and that was my favorite part of our vacation. There were so many dogs at camp to meet and play with! And I got to swim in the river! I LOVED the river until.....I slipped and went completely underwater. Then I got scared and wouldn't go into the river again. I can't help it. I may be a big boy but I am still a baby. Hee hee!

GOLF CART RIDES. That's all I'm gonna say. I fell in love. I would very much like a golf cart for Christmas. Santa? You listening? I could have spent all weekend riding the golf cart, it was the BEST!!

We came home Sunday and I was a very sleepy puppy! My poops have been looking much better and the vet called Mommy on Sunday to check on me. I have to finish my medicine and special food so I can get back to healthy again!

Overall my first vacation ROCKED and I can't wait to do it all over again!!

(Mommy will post pictures from our vacation this week so keep checking the blog!)

<3 Truck

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