Monday, July 13, 2009

Mondays are poopy....and so am I!

Well, I went to the vet Saturday morning to get my last shot and my second dose of the wormer meds. The doctor told my Mommy and Daddy that the latex glove may not come out for days, weeks or months! So they have to inspect every single poo I make. I don't envy them one bit cause I am stinky!! Hee hee :) They still have to watch me for signs of distress but the doctor wasn't too worried about it.

I had a really GREAT weekend! Mommy and Daddy took me to a park to play frisbee and chase my ball. It was SO much fun! I hate Mondays though because that means Mommy and Daddy have to go back to work :( That makes me sad. BUT they said that they are on vacation next week so we get to spend TONS of time together and I can't wait!!

I went with Mommy on a photo shoot last week and here's a pic Daddy took of me in the Jeep. I was a very good boy and I made the model laugh a lot. Hee hee!!

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