Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So I am home alone with mommy today and I really, really miss my Daddy. I have been walking around my house looking for him everywhere! Mommy says we will go visit Daddy a little bit later at this place called "work" I don't know but it doesn't sound like a very fun place. Sigh.........but anyway mommy and I napped a little bit and now I am on a mission to destroy my green doggie toy. Oh, and since I am getting used to my new house, I decided to be a little ornery today :) I had a little accident on the floor but I realized that was wrong and the next time I got that potty feeling, I ran to the door and let mommy know I had to go! That made her very happy and she gave me a very yummy apple treat. I am trying very hard to learn all the things that will make my Mommy and Daddy happy but it will take a few days because I get distracted pretty easily. There are so many new things to explore. I have to go attack my green doggie toy now........gotta go!!

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