Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is it the weekend yet?

Today, I am home alone for a little bit until Mommy comes home for lunch. It's boring. I play with my toys and I sleep. I hope she comes home soon. I miss her. And Daddy too. Last night was a super special night! I got to sleep in bed with Mommy and Daddy!!! I felt so comfy and safe. It was wonderful! I hope they let me do it again tonight! I also had a special dinner of boiled hamburger and rice because Daddy said that my poopy was like turning on a firehose. Mommy said EW! But I guess it was better this morning because after Daddy took me out and I did my business, we ran inside and burst in on Mommy in the shower (hehhehehehee) and told her how good I did! I am really excited for the weekend, because I get to meet some more new friends and Mommy said she wants to do a photoshoot with me so I have to look extra handsome and sit like a good boy.

I think I can do that but only if I get treats. :)

<3 Truck

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