Monday, May 25, 2009

My 1st day home!

So Saturday May 23rd (so mom says) My new parents drove all the way from Western, PA to pick me up in Millville, NJ. When they got there they got to meet my whole family and there is a TON of us! So we all went outside in the yard to play. When I saw my mom I knew it was her even though i've never met her before. I immediately ran to her and nibbled her chin! She tasted gooood!!! Then I ran over to daddy and gave him a big lick on the face!! They were really laughin at me! So we played for a while and they said it was time to go cause we had a long drive ahead of us. So we got in the Jeep and away we went. I never realized just how sleepy car rides make me. Within ten minutes I was out cold! So a few hours into the ride we pulled over cause I really had to pee! So I got out at a "TRUCK STOP" no pun intended... and I pee'd! I got back into the Jeep and we were back on the road! I cuddled with my mommy alot on the way home and I really fell in love with her, she's so soft and smells really good! So we got home around 11:30pm and I was exhausted! I came into my new home and sniffed the place out! After about 2 hours of play and a small case of the Zoomies I was ready for a good night sleep! What a crazy first day. I really think im gonna like it here. Here are a few pictures from my first day home! :-) TALK TO YOU SOON!




  1. I'm so glad you made it to PA safely. You must have had an fantastic driver to come and get you and bring you back to PA. Who ever was driving must have done SUCH a good job that you were able to fall asleep so quickly. And for the driver to be willing to pull over so that you could get out and pee was really nice of him. He sound like a great and loving person. What a nice guy. You are very lucky my friend. Very lucky indeed. Lucky Trucky, thats it! You're Lucky Trucky. LT.

  2. Well.. That is my full name.. " Patriots Lucky Truck " cause I was born on St.Patricks day. :-) and I did have a fantastic driver. Thank you so much!!