Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daddy day!!

I get to spend some time with my Daddy today :) That makes me SOOOO HAPPY!! Mommy had to go to work this morning (ew) and I cried when she left. I don't like when Mommy and Daddy leave. It makes me sad. I had a little trouble sleeping last night because I really needed to cuddle with someone and the toys and pillows just weren't cutting it. Soooooo..... I woke Mommy and Daddy up!! (Even though I know I am not supposed to do that.) But I got lonely. Daddy cuddled with me until I fell asleep again. He is the best Daddy in the whole world!! Later today, we are going to go visit my Aunt Lisa and my cousins, Rocky and Lacey! I love my Aunt Lisa, she is so funny :) I really want to play with Lacey but she won't play with me because Mommy and Daddy said she has "issues" but she is just my size and I want to rumble with her!! Sigh.....I think I might go take a nap now. I'm sleeeeeeeeeepy....

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