Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet my (little) big sister!

I thought that today I would tell you about my sister! I just met her last night for the first time. See, she has been there since I first came home but I have been ignoring her for the most part until last night. Her name is Lucy and she is a hamster. Mommy and Daddy have had her almost 2 years now and they tell me that she is the smartest hammy they have ever met! Mommy picked me up and put my nose up against her cage and we sniffed each other. I like her. She smells good. I am very curious about her and think that I need to keep my eye on her some more. Mommy said that I am not allowed to eat her so I better get those thoughts out of my head now. I just wanna give her a little lick, that's all. I like to taste everybody and everything.

It stormed last night and I was afraid of the thunder. It's loud and scary. I hid under things.

Daddy says I'll get used to it. I hope so!

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