Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Motorcycles and Frisbees

So lately when I go for a ride in the Jeep with Mommy and Daddy I've been noticing these strange things. I see a person, but they are not in a car and they usually have a big round thing on their head. Dad says these people are riding "motorcycles" Hmph. Whatev Dad. He says it's ok when they are behind us while we are driving but I don't think so. I get real close to Mom and Dad and give my scariest, loudest bark just to let them know that I mean business! They better stay away from me and my people! I don't care what Dad says, there is something fishy about those "motorcycles"!

I got a new frisbee to play with and when I pick it up and carry it around people always giggle and tell me how funny I am! I don't know why....

(pic taken with Daddy's Blackberry)

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  1. Hahahah. Darwin hates people riding on motorcycles too! Actually any people who are outside of the car as we drive by she barks at.