Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Change of Plans!

I am NOT having my surgery next week! YAY! I am so happy about that! Daddy says I have no idea how close I was to losing my manhood, heehee. After much discussion and deliberation with my Daddy's breeder, my Mommy and Daddy decided it would be best to wait until I am a little older. Boy am I glad! The last thing I wanted to do was get surgery! (whatever that is?) It doesn't sound like fun. Sorry I haven't been keeping up my blog as much as I should but I have been busy helping my Gramma. She is getting married this weekend to my buddy Jeff! I really like Jeff, he plays with me all the time and calls me a pretty boy :) SO hopefully soon I will start blogging everyday again. Thanks for being patient!

I'm gonna go find a stick to chew on...LATER!

<3 Truck


  1. OMG! You HAVE to tell me what you said to your humans to make them change their minds. My "gettin fixed" date in the 25th, and boy can I hear the clock tickin.

    According to Mom, if I was more of a gentleman around the other doggies at the park, she'd wait a bit longer. Gentleman, Shmentleman! Im a doggie for gosh sake. I can't help my urges!

    sigh. if you have any bright ideas that might win me a last minute reprieve, please let me know!

    Wags, wiggles & slobbers

  2. Actually my Daddy's breeder pulled up some info about how it's better to wait until I'm about a year old to have my surgeries because they are finding out if they are done at 6mos, some Danes are experiencing problems! If you want I can email you the info! Just give me your email address and I'll tell Mom.